Terms of the free blog promotion

This agreement between YOU, the USER, and ME, the BLOGGERPACK, regards the free BLOG/WEBSITE setup promotion described on this page.


The USER enters this agreement after signing up for hosting through BLOGGERPACK's affiliate links and filling out the FORM at https://www.bloggerpack.com/free-blog/.

In return, BLOGGERPACK will set up a WEBSITE consisting of WordPress with theme and plugins in the user's hosting account.

After setting up the WEBSITE and informing the USER of his/her login credentials, the BLOGGERPACK will have no other duty towards the USER and this agreement will come to an end.


The USER must send accurate personal details via the FORM and, if he/she wishes to use an external domain to have the WEBSITE installed on, promptly change the DNS to point to the servers specified by the hosting company.

The BLOGGERPACK will strive to install the WEBSITE in the least amount of time possible, which will be under a week, normally sooner, provided that the USER has facilitated the things mentioned in the prior paragraph and has correctly signed up with the hosting company with the BLOGGERPACK as a referral.


By filling out the form mentioned above, the USER facilitates the personal data required to install the WEBSITE. Once this task is done, and the BLOGGERPACK informs the USER, the USER will confirm that he/she is able to login to the WEBSITE and at that moment the BLOGGERPACK will erase any passwords and usernames in his possession related to the user hosting and WEBSITE.

The BLOGGERPACK will store the name and email of the USER to send information concerning the WEBSITE, a newletter or new promotions to the USER. The USER will be able to unsubscribe at any moment, either by clicking an unsubscribe button on the emails or by sending a message through the Contact page at bloggerpack.com/contact. The full Privacy Policy may be read here.


All software used in the WEBSITE is under a GPL license. Every design created by BLOGGERPACK in the WEBSITE is also under this license. The images are also free to use.

WordPress is a registered trademark of Automattic Inc. The BLOGGERPACK is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic or the WordPress open source project. The theme and plugins included may also have their own trademarks and the BLOGGERPACK is not associated or sponsored by any of them.


The USER is responsible to make sure the WEBSITE complies with any legal requirement in his/her country of residence, and it will be up to him/her to introduce the necessary modifications to comply with the law.

The WEBSITE has some settings in place for WordPress, the theme and the plugins. The USER must carefully review the settings and adjust them to his/her preferences. BLOGGERPACK will not be liable for any loss related to the default settings or any other characteristic of the WEBSITE.


This agreement shall begin when the USER sends the FORM and end when the WEBSITE is installed and handed to the USER.

Valid reasons to terminate prematurely this agreement are:

  • The USER requests a refund from the hosting company.
  • The USER has requested the free blog using the FORM but has not previously signed up with the hosting company specified by the BLOGGERPACK through its affiliate link. In this case the agreement shall not come into force.
  • The hosting company does not recognize the USER as being sent by the BLOGGERPACK. In this case the agreement shall not come into force.
  • If for any reason, and after making every effort in his hand, the BLOGGERPACK is not able to install the WEBSITE at the user's hosting account, the BLOGGERPACK shall communicate this circumstance to the USER, and if nothing can be done to carry out the installation, the agreement shall come to an end, and the BLOGGERPACK will not be liable to the USER for any loss or damage.


This Agreement is legal and binding between the USER and the BLOGGERPACK. This Agreement may be entered into and is legal and binding worldwide. The parties each represent that they have the authority to enter into this Agreement. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation in the jurisdiction where the BLOGGERPACK is located.

Barcelona, 1st of April 2018