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How I Started to Create Free Blogs - Blogger Pack


How I Started to Create Free Blogs

Yo. My name is Zè and I create free blogs for individuals and small businesses.

I started my first blog in 2004. It wasn’t easy to get a blog running for a non-tech guy like me. Just learning how to install the blogging software took me more than a week.

But I didn’t have a job, or a kid, and could commit all my time to doing this and being awesome.

The effort paid off. Within months I was making a living from blogging.

Word got around and several family members and friends began asking me to build a blog for them.

I didn’t mind spending a few hours setting up their new blogs. I was glad I could help them make millions per week.

After a while, tough, it got tiring.

Have you read that 50,000 blogs are started every day? Well, half of those are started by my family and friends.

Yeah, I'm going to start a blog tomorrow and if you could just go ahead a set it up for me... that woould be great

But what could I do? They are family and ex-friends, right?

In 2008 I stopped all my blogging activity. Not because of this setting-up-blog-overload. I just wanted to do other things. So I stopped creating blogs for others as well.

Flash forward to 2016. After eight years I got back to blogging. And you would not guess what happened then… Yeah, exactly, they asked me to build blogs for them, again!

With WordPress is now easier to set up a blog, but still, it takes time. So I knew I’d tire of building blogs for other people.

And that’s when I thought up the BloggerPack.

I researched the best WordPress themes and plugins, put together a template, installed a fantastic drag-and-drop page builder and wrote thorough documentation so even the most novice of bloggers could start blogging on their own.

Here’s the BloggerPack. A phenomenal WordPress bundle of theme and plugins I can install in less than an hour. You guys get a free blog and I get compensation from the hosting company when you sign up through my affiliate link. We both win.

You ready to blog? Click here to start now. I'm on a mission to help start 10,000 blogs. Let's do this!

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