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The way to achieve this is simple: You let someone else do it for you.
And that's me. I will save you the time and hassle of starting a blog. And I will do it for free.

How'd you like a FREE BLOG, set up with the Optimal Settings, just ready to go?

Maybe you've wanted to start a blog for a while but were afraid it would be hard to set up...

Fret not!

I've got over a decade of experience building blogs and I’ve created this site to help novice bloggers like you start a blog in no time and with zero effort.

Is this something that might interest you? Keep reading.

Do not spend weeks setting up your new blog. Get it done today.

Free Blog Homepage
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Starting your first blog is time consuming. Yes, even in 2018.

There are a lot of steps involved. Choose a platform. Choose hosting. Install software. Set up software...

But we don't need to go over the details. I’ll save you the trouble by creating a blog for you within 1-3 business days.

And I’m not talking about installing a blogging software, uploading a template and just handing it over to you. No, the BloggerPack is not that. The BloggerPack is a fine-tuned blog machine (scores 98% on GTmetrix) that you will be able to easily update with your content and customize its look on your own.

So how does my offer work?

I'll explain.

Every blog site needs a hosting provider; the hosting stores the site’s data in a server and makes it accessible to everyone through the Internet. So you will need to open an account with a hosting company.

Researching web hosts is a gruelling task. Every host has different software and features. And you have to consider things like speed, uptime and customer service.

Well, I've done my research and one of the best hostings, if not the best hosting, out there is A2Hosting. User reviews all over the Internet corroborate this. They are an independent company from Ann Arbor that started business in 2003 and they are known especially for their fast servers. In short, it's a hosting provider I would recommend to my mom.

WordPress hosting


I've partnered with A2Hosting and I'll receive a finder's fee for every client I refer to them. So my offer to you is: sign up with A2Hosting through my affiliate link and I'll build you a quality blog ready to use.

And I’m not charging you $999. For now this service is free and I’m only compensated by the hosting company.

It is as simple as that.

When you get your new site, you don't have to pay me anything, you don't have to buy anything from me. Your site doesn't show my ads.

How is the blog I’ll build for you?

Just for signing up for hosting through my affiliate link, you’ll get a free website built on WordPress, with 18 plugins that extend its functionality and a drag and drop page builder that will allow you to quickly modify the design of the pages.

All setup so you can start straightaway.

You only must upload your logo, create your user and other thingies. I explain everything in the "Quick Start Guide" and the "BloggerPack Theme & Plugins Handbook".

Quick Start Guide and Theme and Plugins Handbook

I've created these two manuals with the beginner blogger in mind, so they are very detailed and easy to follow. I'll attach them in the "Your new blog is ready!" email I will send you after you sign up for hosting.

Features that'll make your blog life so much easier

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder

    Design your pages easily with live editing. No coding required.

  • SEO ready

    Legendary Yoast SEO plugin helps you get more visits from Google. You only have to add your target keywords in the right places.

  • Contact Forms

    Easily create forms and gather information about your readers.

  • Secure

    Includes SSL certificate and a plugin that checks for vulnerabilities and helps you implement best security practices.

  • Backups

    Ability to make backups so you don’t lose your data if disaster strikes.


Social buttons to get followed and shared on the social networks.


 High-resolution and customizable. There's a font icon for that!

800+ FONTS

Choose your fonts among Google Fonts massive catalog. 


Your choice of full width layout or content + sidebar.


Option to import a full website for your biz: dental, law, contractors, agencies...


You'll get docs with detailed instructions to help you start on the right foot.

Built on WordPress

And as you know by now, your new blog will run on WordPress.

Why is this platform superior to any other?

WP is the most popular Content Management System on the web. It is used by individuals and corporations in over 70 million websites.

Some blogs that run on WP* are: Facebook's, Wix's (they are WordPress competitors, LOL), PlayStation's and Ted's. These companies know a thing or two about software and the Internet, huh?

*If you want to find out what software is a website built with, use this tool.

WordPress is great both for tech-savvy companies and personal bloggers. This CMS has many advantages over the rest:


You are free to do whatever you want with your self-hosted WordPress blog and your data. You own it. No blogging platform will “terminate your account at their sole discretion and without liability or notice to you” (Grrr, I’m looking at you WIX, Squarespace, Blogger…).


WordPress has superpowers, it can do almost anything. Choose among 47,000 free plugins the one that has the functionality your website needs.

It's free

You take advantage of all the work dozens of contributing developers have put into this software through the years.

It’s easy

WP is easy to use and there are lots of free resources if you want to go deeper. And if you get stuck, you can find help in the forums. WordPress boasts a massive community of people willing to lend you a hand.

It’s here for the long haul

It was released in 2003. Powers 70 million websites. It has a market share of 59.3% among content management systems. Yes, WordPress isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

You can sell it

If your blog gets tons of visits, you can make a profit by selling it. WordPress will command a higher price than a Drupal or Joomla website, not to mention Blogspot and things like that.

There are 26 WordPress users for every user in Wix, Weebly and Squarespace combined. Why? Because, besides a great software, people seek freedom and flexibility. And they get these with WP.

Let's get you a free blog

Ready? There is two things you need: a domain name and hosting account with A2Hosting. Both can be done in one go, because on A2 you can register your domain at the same time you buy hosting.

First, think of a domain name

If you already own a domain you want to use, jump to the next section. Otherwise, here are a few tips that will help you pick a domain name…

For starters, you can either:

  • Name it with your own name
  • Come up with a brand name

Your own name is the right choice if you are starting a blog to promote your personal brand. In any other case, the better option is using a brand name. It will command a higher value if one day you sell your website.

If your real name is registered, you can add a prefix or suffix to it: IamHowardStern, theHowardStern, HowardSternSays...

If you opt for a brand name, try choosing one that:

  • Is short
  • Is relevant

A short domain (say, less than 12 characters) is easy to remember and spell. A phrase could also work, though.

Try that your name hints what your blog is about. Good domains in the blogging space are: copyblogger, problogger… You know what they are about even before landing on their homepage. This is important, but not crucial.

Also, don’t use dashes, abbreviations or any other artifact that makes your domain difficult to remember or type.

What about the domain extension? If available, buy the .com. Visitors are likelier to type it.

If you don’t find your ideal .com available, go for the .net, unless the .com is being used.

So let’s say you like Blogtastic and the .com is unavailable but not being used. Go ahead and register If is in use, don't buy the .net, or you could end up sending your readers to the .com site.

Finding a domain name in 2018 is the most challenging step of the whole process of starting a blog. Don’t let it overwhelm you. It is not that important. Sites like Quicksprout and Viperchill are very successful and don't suffer for having those domains.

Need a little help?

I’ve tried 18 domain name generators and these two I find somewhat useful:

Bust a Name
Name Mesh

A bit of advice:

Don’t spend more than 10 minutes deciding on a domain. Really. I can’t think of a website that failed because of a lousy domain (except maybe

Register your Domain and Open a Hosting Account

This is how you sign up for web hosting in four easy steps:

Choose Your Plan

Go to A2Hosting’s WordPress Hosting plans page. Use this button with my special link:

There are four plans to choose from. The higher the price tag, the more features and capacity.

WordPress hosting plans

Check the plans and decide which one is best for you. If you are just starting and only want to host one website, the LITE plan will suffice. For little more, tough, you get the SWIFT offer, with two core processors instead of one and unlimited sites. Click to buy when you are ready (the coupon code with a discount for you first billing cycle will be applied to your order).

Choose Your Domain Name

On the screen that opens you can register a new domain, transfer a domain you own, use a domain you own or a subdomain from A2Hosting. I'd only go for the first or third options: register a domain or use a domain you already own.

Register a domain, transfer your domain, use an existing domain or a subdomain

If you search for a domain that's not available, the system will give you a few suggestions based on that name. Choose one you like or try a new domain.

It is likely you will need several attempts before you find your domain. Just persevere (but don't spend more than 10 minutes on this).

When you have it, click 'Continue'.

Configure Your Account

On the next screen, it's time to configure your hosting package.

Pay attention to the fact that at A2Hosting you get a huge discount for your first invoice, and you can register for 12, 24 or 36 months. So if you feel committed to blogging, pick the longest term and save more.

Now let's go one by one over the different options:

Dedicated IP. Not necessary for most bloggers or small businesses. Its main use nowadays is for intensive use of email.

Turbo Boost. This is another chance to choose the superfast Turbo plan. Go with whatever plan you have chosen.

Priority Support. As A2 states in another page, this is for "EVEN faster answers to your ticket questions".

DropMySite Offsite Backups. Offsite backups are a must, in case something goes awry with your site. You can also use the UpdraftPlus plugin, part of the BloggerPack.

Server Location. Choose the server that is closer to your target audience, so your website loads faster for those visitors.

A2 Website Builder. You don't need this.

Performance Plus. Double CPU cores means more speed.

Barracuda Spam Firewall. For email protection.

SSL Certificates. Select 'Let's Encrypt' (free).

Railgun. Software that is to be used with Cloudflare to speed up your site. I have not personally tested it, but I'm hearing it provides a significant boost.

Auto-Install Application. Select 'None'.

Review your 'Order Summary' and click 'Continue'.

Domain Configuration

If you are buying a domain name, there's this extra step where you are offered three addons:

  • DNS Management
  • ID Protection
  • Email Forwarding

ID Protection is also known as WHOIS privacy and it hides your contact information on the public WHOIS database, so you are shielded against spammers.

DNS Management and Email Forwarding are free. Definitely select DNS Management.

After you've made your selection, click 'Continue'.

Review & Checkout

The next screen is simply to review your order. Click 'Edit' if there's something you need to change. Click 'Checkout' if everything is right and go to the Checkout screen.

On the Checkout screen, fill out the form with your details and payment info and click on 'Complete Order'. You have hosting!

Final thing: Request your free blog

Once you have signed up with A2Hosting for hosting using my link, you just need to ask for your free blog.

Go to this page and fill out the form.

Questions? Just ask.

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